2020 Registration

2020 Registration via the Rugby Explorer App

791afb8c-1700-415d-957d-50d47cc6064c_wo (2).jpg (24 KB)Registration  for the 2020 season is now via the new Rugby Explorer App. All players and volunteers will need to be registered via this app in order to be registered for the 2020 season. Please use the information below to help you in registering for the 2020 season.

Step 1:  Search for, download and install the Rugby Explorer App.  You can either search for this on your device (eg. Iphone, Ipad etc) or go here to access the links: Download Rugby Explorer

Step 2:  Once in the App, select MORE and then select Sign-up/Login.

Step 3: Once you are registered OR are logged in using your previous registration details, select MORE and then Register. Select the person you are registering (eg. if you have linked accounts) and enter the club name.  Follow the prompts for Role, Registration Type and Duration.


  1. I do not have an Ipad? The club will have additional Ipads that you can use to register on our opening day
  2. I have fogotten my RugbyID/password? The club may be able to asisst you with this information and/or use the password reset feature in the App.
  3. Do I need to register as a volunteer?  YES!  All club volunteers MUST register as a volunteer to be covered by insurances. 
  4. Can I apply/use a KidSport Voucher?  YES!  Go here for more information on KidSport and speak with the Club regarding your individual voucher.



Oval 2, Leschenault Recreation Park
next to Leschenault Leisure Centre
Leisure Drive



Contact: Luke Wickenden (President)